Customized Fabrication & Drawings

Customized Fabrication & Drawings,Customized Design Build,Customized Fabrication Welding

Manufacturer & Exporter of Customized Fabrication & Drawings,Customized Design Build,Customized Fabrication Welding

Crucial to our success in designing, building or installing custom projects, is our ability to fulfill the unique and unusual requests that custom work entails. No job is too small or too difficult, from repairing a fryer basket to creating prototypes for artists and inventors. Rajendra Industrial Corporation can assist you in the upgrading or modification of existing equipment, renovating equipment foundations and supports, improving workplace ergonomics and design of general
access platforms. By providing structural welding, custom machining and material handling solutions, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.
Custom Fabrication Welding
We employ AWS certified welders to perform arc, mig and tig welding on stainless steel, aluminum, black iron and mild steel. We also offer sanitary food grade welding of stainless steel to meet USDA requirements. Additionally, our crew can fabricate and weld plastics and exotic metals such as titanium and bronze. Our employees and equipment can handle nearly any custom sheet metal request including welding, shearing, routing, sawing and soldering. Other sheet metal services include braking, finishing, polishing, notching, punching, riveting and rolling, as well as stainless steel passivation.
Custom Fabrication Design Build
This stainless steel hopper was designed using the specifications provided by the customer, with measurements verified from the existing unit. From these measurements, a CAD drawing is created to provide the fabrication shop with the details needed to build the hopper.